Project: Portland Shed

Check out the progress pictures on this backyard shed we’re doing for a homeowner in Portland.  Everything is coming together nicely, the high quality craftsmanship is on full display and we’re looking forward to seeing how this one wraps up!


Project: Wilsonville New Build Progress

We’ve made some great strides on the Wilsonville Oregon custom home project.  The roof is up and wrapped, the walls are wrapped just in time for the rainy season.  Things are starting to come together for some interior work in the near future.  Once we have some good progress inside we’ll add some pictures of that.  The natural light should flow through the rooms in this house nicely.  Look at that view in the first picture!

Project: Client Master Bathroom Remodel

Here’s a recently completed master bathroom remodel project that turned out absolutely awesome!  The dual sink master bathroom vanity was handmade by our own Rupp guys — Brandon and Phil.  They also did the tile in the shower and around the tub.  Actually they did just about everything except for plumbing and electrical work (which our other guys — Steve and Pieter completed). There is radiant floor heating under the tiles which will distribute the heat through the room more evenly. The quality and aesthetics is one turned out fantastic!

Handmade Wood Bathroom Vanity with Underlighting
Handmade Wood Bathroom Vanity with Underlighting
Dual Niche Tile Shower
Dual Niche Tile Shower
Dual sink wood vanity handmade
Dual sink wood vanity handmade
Handmade Wood Vanity
Handmade Wood Vanity
Tub and Tile Floor
Tub and Tile Floor
Tub with Tile in Master Bathroom
Tub with Tile in Master Bathroom

Project: Wilsonville New Build

We’ve got some progress to share on the Wilsonville new home building project we’ve been working on this year.  The guys have been doing a a great job of making sure the home is being built to high quality standards for our clients!  We’re getting that roof up just in time for the rainy season to hit — although the guys would have liked some more shade during the recent heat wave.  We have some upgraded windows in place, a key part of the overall home energy efficiency.  Not to mention, all those trees surrounding the house will provide some additional shade, as the local wildlife ‘neighbors’ know.

Wilsonville New Home Build

Wilsonville New Home Roof Framing

Wilsonville Home Building

The Making of a Handmade Wood Vanity (Part I)

Phil is working on a handmade wood dual sink vanity for a job we’re doing in Northeast Portland.

Handmade Wood Cabinet In Progress 2
Progress on the vanity, with frame.
Bathroom Vanity Door Natural Wood
Bathroom Vanity Doors Natural Wood

Vanity Installed with tile backsplash

The vanity is installed over an electric radiant heated floor.  You can see the start of the tile backsplash, the wall cutouts for medicine cabinet mirrors and the perfect fit between the bathtub and wall.

…stay tuned for more to come, including the countertop, sinks, mirrors, completed tile and finished flooring!


Winter Weather Tips

Things to do when the Winter weather hits:

  • Drip your pipes to prevent ice blockage / pressure build-up. If pipes freeze, open sink faucet and use hair dryer on affected areas.
  • Optional: Install a water / moisture alarm in the crawl space. This can help minimize damage and alert you immediately should a problem arise.
  • Put a faucet cover insulation over your outside faucets.
  • Cover your crawl space vents.
  • Close your chimney chute, if you have one. This help keeps the warm air inside.
  • If you have good windows, let the sunlight in. If there’s no sunlight, cover them with curtains.
  • Prepare for any snow / ice melting runoff.
  • Make notes of improvements you can make when the weather improves

Things to do in the Spring / Summer / Fall to prepare:

  • Consider replacing your windows. This is one of the best investments you can make in terms of insulating your house.
  • Re-do your weather stripping, where necessary. Around windows, doors, sliding doors and any other openings in the house.
  • Pay attention to the condition of your roof, and get it fixed quickly, if needed. The last thing you want to deal with during a cold streak or spring downpour is a bad roof issue.
  • Check to ensure your underfloor is insulated. The higher the R-value, the better the insulation.
  • Use using foam pipe insulation sleeves to wrap your pipes.
  • Install a smart thermostat or wood stove.
  • Tag your water shut-off valves and let people in the household know where they are. Use bright color tags and maybe a keychain buoy on a leash for ease of finding if a crisis arises.