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Charming Downtown Bend, Oregon House Renovation

Client Projects

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Wanted to share our most exciting project the Bend office has put out so far! It’s not our largest project so far in Bend, but has been the most involved as it is a remodel on the oldest property we have worked on yet. The house is a 650 square foot charmer originally built on what would have been just the edge of 1930’s Bend, but is now very centrally located in the city. The client on this project is a young couple with a one-year-old girl, who have a finely tuned creative sense and had a very specific vision for the fit and finish, which I’d absolutely describe as eclectic.


When we started the project, the layout was configured as a one bedroom one bathroom. Entry to the house is directly into the living room, which connected to a dining room and kitchen, which connected to each other separately in a triangle configuration. As with any house of this age, it has been remodeled multiple times in its life, and each layer of renovation had been done the easy way – over the top of the old rather than stripping things back first. Demolition was like peeling back the layers of an onion.


Farmhouse, modern, and 1920’s urban influences come together in a delicate blend, with some design cues taken from the character of the home itself. The remodel brief was to open up the kitchen to make the flow through the living room better, sacrifice the dining room to a second bedroom, and alter the kitchen layout for better usability and form. In addition, the home was updated throughout excepting the laundry room, which has been deferred to a remodel for another day.


One of the most exciting things on the project happened on demo day underneath frayed carpet and weathered linoleum, the team discovered original straight grain fir flooring. The plan had been to remove the faded floors and replace them with a dark wood-tone laminate floor, but the obvious decision once we discovered the wood floors was to change tack and go after a refinish on the floors. It was a Fixer-Upper lover’s dream come true! We also discovered wide shiplap planks on the ceilings, which were tastefully exposed throughout the living room and kitchen. It was one of those moments we remodelers live for! All-in-all, to be candidly honest this was a hard-won project. Materials and subcontractor delays, difficulties staging materials, and other unexpected challenges seemed to pop up at each and every turn.  In the end the home has been transformed from a poorly lit dingy hut to a cute home and beautiful space which is an extension of the client’s style, taste, and lifestyle!


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